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APY 101         Introduction to Anthropology   A broad overview of archaeology, cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, and linguistics.

APY 201         Principles of Archaeology   History, methods, and theory of archaeology with an outline of the main characteristics of the prehistoric record throughout the world.

APY 202         Principles of Cultural Anthropology   Cultural anthropology, including such topics as economics, politics, kinship and families, health systems, religion, and personality.

APY 204         Principles of Linguistic Anthropology   Human linguisitic principles of phonology, morphology, and grammar to construct a framework for understanding the operation of language in cultural context.  The functions of human language in structuring ideological, economic, and political realms.

CBR 102         Introduction to Broadcasting and Cable   Technology, history, economics, regulation and social roles of radio, television, cable television, and other electronic media.

COM 101        Mass Media Communication in Society   A survey of the history, development, structure, and effects of mass communication media.

COM 110        Communication Theory   Survey of basic communiction theories and models. Study of processes, functions, levels, and general principles of human communication.

COS 112          Interpersonal Communication    Overview of current theories of interpersonal communication. Consideration of impression formation; relationship between self-concept and others; function of language in social interaction; development and maintenance of relationships.

EPS 270          Human Development--A Life Span Approach   Processes and theories of human development from birth to old age are explored. Areas to be covered include: Physical development, Cognitive development, Social and Personality development, Moral development and Language development. Emphasis is on development as a life-long process and its importance in understanding human behavior.

EPS 280         Introduction to Family Studies: Dating, Coupling, Parenting   Theory and practice of romantic relationships and parent-child relationships, including discussion and skills building. Research based information on how to maximize the quality of these interpersonal relationships.

GEG 105         World Regional Geography   An introduction to geography’s basic concepts within the framework of a comprehensive survey of the world’s major regions.

GEG 110         Introduction to Human Geography   An introduction to the sub-fields of human geography by an examination of patterns and process in the international system.

GEG 242         Economic and Political Geography of the Middle East   Human and physical geography of the Middle East with emphasis on current topics.

HIS 201          History of Africa, I (to 1800)   History of Africa before the Colonial period, emphasizing sources for the study of African history, African political and social institutions, the slave trade, and “legitimate” trade and markets

HIS 202          History of Africa, II (since 1800)   The emergence of modern Africa from about 1800 to the present, emphasizing the European conquest of Africa, African responses to colonialism, independence and the post-independence period.

HIS 211          Development of Asian Civilization, I   History of the principal Asian societies to approximately 1600, emphasizing China and Japan.

HIS 212          Development of Asian Civilization, II   History of the principal Asian societies since approximately 1600, emphasizing the impact of the West on China and Japan.

HIS 221          Development of Western Civilization, I   A survey of the development of the West from the emergence of the earliest civilizations in Mesapotamia and Egypt to the formation of modern European nation states in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, emphasizing the ideas, values , events, and institutions that have influenced the present.

HIS 222          Development of Western Civilization, II   A survey of the development of the West from the formation of modern European nation states in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to the present, emphasizing the rivalry of European powers, the impact of European expansion, the effect of industrialism and revolution upon Western society, and the role of the New World.

HIS 223          Medicine and Society from the Ancient World to the Birth of the Clinic   This course examines medical history from the ancients through the end of the eighteenth century. The basic interpretive premise of the course is that we must understand health and illness within the context of the times as historically and social constructed entities.

HIS 225          History of the Modern Business Enterprise  This course examines the history of big business in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Drawing often on individual firm histories, its focus will be a comparative study of the big business experience in America, Europe, Asia, and the imperial world.

HIS 246          The Russian Revolution of 1917

HIS 251          History of Latin America, I (to 1824)
  A survey of Spanish and Portuguese America from the pre-Columbian era through the end of the colonial period.

HIS 252          History of Latin America, II (since 1824)     A survey of the national period in Latin American history, emphasizing the political and social issues in the transition from colonialism to nationhood.

HIS 253          History of Mexico: Guns and Tortillas, or, How Mexico Became Mexican    Culture and ideology of the Mexican Revolution.

HIS 261         History of the United States I (to 1877)   Political, social, and economic development of the United States through Reconstruction.

HIS 262         History of the United States II (since 1877)     Political, social, and economic development of the United States since Reconstruction.

HIS 265         Witchcraft in Colonial America   Exploration of witch beliefs and witch hunting in Colonial America, incorporating religious, cultural, gendered, psychological, poitical, legal, social, and economic perspectives.

INS 101         Global Perspectives   General survey of contemporary global and regional world issues. (Writing intensive)

JUS 231        Jewish Civilization:  Society, Culture, and Religion   Introduction to Jewish Civilization from Abraham to present. (Not offered every semester)

PSY 110         Introduction to Psychology   A survey of modern scientific psychology. Topics include learning, memory, perception, cognition, personality, motivation, emotion, development, abnormal psychology, and social psychology. Participation in a small number of experiments is required to ensure that students become acquainted first hand with the experimental laboratory methods used in Psychology. Students may choose to satisfy this requirement by writing a small number of methodology papers instead.

SOC 101         Introduction to Sociology   Organization of human society, processes of change, and society’s influence on individual behavior.

SOC 103        Social Problems   Causes, scope, and possible solutions of social problems in American society.

TAL 101         Social and Cultural Foundations of Education   Social and cultural introduction to education, focusing on the historical, philosophical, and sociological analysis of schools in American society.

WGS 201         Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies   Conceptions of masculinity and femininity; gender relations; gender inequalities; the intersections of gender with other catagories of identity such as class, race, sexuality, and stages in the life cycle; and the broad impact of gender on society.  (Not offered every semester)

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