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PHI 101          Introduction to Philosophy   Problems concerning knowledge, mind, freedom, religion, and morality.   Reading and discussion of primary sources.

PHI 110          Critical Thinking   Principles of sound reasoning; the construction and evaluation of arguments in everyday contexts and the assessment of evidence.

PHI 115          Social and Ethical Issues in Computing    History, social context and methods and tools of analysis. Professional and ethical responsibilities. Intellectual property. Privacy and civil liberties. (offered periodically)

PHI 130          Contemporary Moral Issues   An examination of the philosophical problems which arise in connection with such moral and social issues as abortion, war, suicide, civil disobedience, racial discrimination, the death penalty, and the right to privacy.

PHI 271          Ancient Philosophy   Ancient Greek, Hellenistic, Roman and early Christian (Patristic) philosophy with emphasis on its contribution to Western culture.  Prerequisite: Three credits in Philosophy or sophomore standing.   (Offered Fall Semester)

PHI 272           Modern Philosophy   The Renaissance through Kant.   Prerequisite: Three credits in Philosophy or sophomore standing (30 credits). (Spring semester)

REL 101          Introduction to Religion   An overview of religious perspectives concerning ultimate reality, humankind, and the world, with special attention to major Asian and Abrahamic religions.

REL 111          Introduction to the Hebrew Bible. (Old Testament)   The history and literature of ancient  Israel and early Judaism.

REL 121          Introduction to the New Testament   The history and literature of the early Christian movement.

REL 131          Religion in American Life   The history of religion in the U.S. from the pre-colonial period to the present. Includes study of the religion of Native Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, women,
Protestants, Catholics, Jews, and cults.

REL 151          Religion and Moral Choices   Catholic, Protestant and Jewish responses to dilemmas raised by issues such as capital punishment, biotechnology, abortion, euthanasia, population control, and nuclear warfare. (offered periodically)

REL 171         Introduction to Islam   History of Islam, the Qur'an, and the systematization of Islamic law. Emergence of the theological schools, the mystical and philosophical traditions, and the spread of Islamic civilization. (offered periodically)

REL 231         Jewish Civilization: Society, Culture and Religion   Introduction to Jewish Civilization from Abraham to present. This course is writing intensive and is cross-listed with JUS 231.

REL 232          History of Christianity    A survey of the historical development of Christianity from the first century to the present, focusing on the major theological and institutional issues considered in their social and cultural contexts.
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