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Fine Arts Selections

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ARH 107         History of Photography   A study of photography as a visual medium of expression and communication: a chronological examination of its origins, styles and uses.

ARH 131         Survey of Western Art I   The art of western cultures from pre-history through the Middle Ages.

ARH 132         Survey of Western Art II   The art of western cultures from the Renaissance through the 20th century.

ARH 200         The Art of India    An introduction of the art and culture of India surveying 2000 years of Indian art and architecture from the early Indus Valley civilization to the contemporary. The course will trace important trends in visual arts, major art movements which will be examined and studied against the socio-political background. Critical questions surronding the relationship between art and gender are examined. (Fall 2007, writing intensive)

ART 101          Introduction to Drawing I   Contour, cross-contour, perspective, proportion, chiaroscuro, and gesture in pictorial composition.

ART 102          Introduction to Drawing II   Experimentation, chance, exaggeration, movement, texture, and color in pictorial composition.

ART 103          Two-Dimensional Design   Line, rhythm, shape, pattern, value, and color in pictorial composition.

ART 104          Three-Dimensional Design   Basic 3D design principles to include: structure, shape, volume, and weight.

ART 210          Introduction to Photography   Camera techniques and darkroom procedures for black and white photography.

CBR 233          Television Performance    Introduction to communication concepts and skills involved in typical on-camera duties such as interviewing, commercials, characterizations, and ad libbing.   Prerequisite: CBR 102 or, non-majors, permission of instructor.

CMP 103         Survey of Motion Pictures   Examination of the aesthetic, social and economic aspects of the motion picture industry. Concentration on the present state of the medium with particular emphasis on future trends.

CMP 204         History of Motion Pictures (1895-1940)  Examination of the origin and history of the motion picture. Narrative and non-fiction genres, in the American and world cinemas, from their inception through 1940. (Fall semester)

CMP 205          History of Motion Pictures (1941-Present)    Examination of the history of the motion picture from 1941 to the present.  Narrative and non-fiction genres in the American and world cinemas. (Spring semester)

COS 211         Public Speaking   Theory and methods to develop the art of public speaking. Application of current concepts in informational exchange and persuasion in public forums.

CVC 221          Still Photography I    Lectures and digital laboratory work to acquaint the student with black and white still photography as a creative tool of communication and expression. Students are required to have a 35mm camera with some manual capabilities.

DAN 250          World History of the Dance   Introductory exploration of dance history in relation to life, thought, and culture.

ENG 209         Creative Writing   Analysis and writing of Short stories and poems.  Prerequisite: ENG 105 or equivalent.

ENG 290         Introduction to Writing Fiction   Writing with attention to forms, mechanics, and types; strategies for creating plausible short fiction. Prerequisite: ENG 106 or equivalent and ENG 209.

ENG 292         Introduction to Writing Poetry   Poetic types and forms, with attention to rhyme, meter, metaphor, and theme.   Prerequisite: ENG 106 or equivalent and ENG 209.

MCY 124        The Evolution of Jazz   A study of the origin, development, and styles of jazz music and its exponents.

MCY 131        The Understanding and Enjoyment of Music I   A non-technical introduction to the language, genres, media and forms of music, utilizing lectures, films, recordings and live performances. (Fall semester)

MCY 132        The Understanding and Enjoyment of Music II    A non-technical introduction to the history of music, from ancient times to the present day, including classical music, folk music and jazz, utilizing lectures, films, recordings and live performances. (Spring semester)

MCY 333          Introduction to Cuban Music     A survey of Cuban Music from the early European settlement to the present. Course addresses African and Caribbean influences and the amalgamation into new national styles, as well as current musical activity on the island and in expatriate communities.

MTC 110         Fundamentals of Music   Course is designed for students deficient in the knowledge of the basic fundamentals of music. Includes the study of notation, keys, scales, and chord construction. Credits do not count toward music degree requirements.

MTC 125         The Nature of Music   A study of sound, pitch, rhythm, meter, melody, scales, intervals, tempo and expression terms, and highlights of music in history.  (For HONORS students who are non-music majors.)

THA 101         Introduction to Theatre   Intro survey course in theatre and the relationship of theatre to the contemporary world.  Attendance at Ring Theatre productions is required.

THA 105         Introduction to Acting   Basic tools of acting craft including analysis, physical action, and reacting in the moment.

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