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FIRST Step: BUS 101 Cultural Competence and Finding Your Brand in the Global Workplace

FIRST Step studentsAt the core of the freshman experience is BUS 101, better known as FIRST Step, with "FIRST" being an acronym for Freshmen Integrity, Responsibility and Success through Teamwork.

Cultural Competence and Finding Your Brand in the Global Workplace 

FIRST Step is designed to encourage first-year students to undertake the crucial work of developing their cultural competence and teamwork skills as essential attributes for success in the global marketplace. Even in traditionally domestic industries - retail, banking, consumer products, or insurance - globalization pressures will require cross-border relationships. Additionally, the fact that geography and technology are no longer hindrances to business operations, business leaders are pushing for access to individuals who demonstrate global knowledge and strong intercultural communications skills. Those future managers who are able to demonstrate global knowledge and cultural competence will have a distinct advantage in advancing their own professional goals and will become important voices in any organization conducting business in the world’s economy.

Hands-On Learning in Teams

Students are placed in teams, are mentored by upper-class students and work in the projects designed to bring life the concepts they learn in the classroom. All teams work on developing product extensions for existing Fortune 500 companies and propose the roll out plan in targeted international markets. BUS 101 proposes to help new freshmen The course is designed not only to help new students begin to build cross-cultural competence, and to understand pressing issues facing global business, but also give them hands-on experiences to develop stronger teamwork and presentation skills.

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