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Bermont/Carlin Scholars Program

2016-2017 Scholars with The Bermont/Carlin Group’s Adam E. Carlin (seated left) and Richard B. Bermont (seated right), who underwrite the annual trip to New York City.
Berlin Carlin
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Each spring University of Miami sophomores interested in careers in the investment industry may apply to be named Bermont/Carlin Scholars. The Scholars are selected based on academic performance, written and oral presentations, personal characteristics and experience.

[Read about the 2016 - 2017 Scholars]

Once selected, the Bermont/Carlin Scholars begin the program during the summer with self-directed readings on current events and both new and classic books on the investment industry. In addition, each Scholar prepares an in-depth research report on a target bulge-bracket firm that offers summer internships in the New York City area.

Upon returning to campus for the fall semester, the Scholars participate in:

  • Focused training on written and oral presentation skills,
  • Personal consultations with local leaders in the investment community,
  • Coaching sessions with current School of Business students who have experience in New York City,
  • Lecture/discussion sessions on:
    • the application of corporate finance theory to investment industry issues,
    • interpretation of current events and conditions in the financial sector,
    • the use of technology in investment applications,
    • typical career paths and options, and
    • how to tap into the growing network of University of Miami alumni who have already achieved success in the industry.

A generous donation from the sponsors supports a three-day trip to New York City for the Bermont/Carlin Scholars in early October. The Scholars visit select investment, commercial and universal banks, as well as major non-financial corporations and important institutions such as the New York Stock Exchange. A typical company visit includes one or more presentations on different aspects of the industry such as investment banking, equity research, private wealth management and institutional operations. The trip also includes meetings with college recruiters at each institution. As the program matures, more and more of these visits will be organized by former Bermont/Carlin Scholars and other University of Miami alumni working at the target firms.

After their return to campus, the Bermont/Carlin Scholars benefit from continued training and networking opportunities with both the local and national investment community as they navigate the internship application process. In addition, they begin to serve as mentors to the next group of Bermont/Carlin Scholars, helping to publicize the opportunity to sophomores, acting as advocates and counselors for other University of Miami students who are interested in careers in the investments industry and filling leadership roles in a variety of finance- and business-oriented student groups.

The selection process for the 2017-2018 Bermont/Carlin Scholars will begin in April 2017.

For additional information on the Bermont/Carlin Scholars program, please contact Brian Barrett (bbarrett@miami.edu) or Andrea Heuson (aheuson@miami.edu) in the Finance Department at the University of Miami.

Read about the 2016-2017 Scholars.

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