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Freshman Business Core Requirement

BSL 212        Introduction to Business Law  
Introduction to business law and ethics for the undergraduate student. Topics include business ethics, contracts (the nature and requisites, formation, interpretation, performance and breach, and remedies), and sales (Uniform Commercial Code, Convention on the International Sale of Goods, transfer of title, warranties, and rights and remedies of buyers and sellers).

Requisite: School of Business Administration. (Writing Intensive)

BUS 101        F.I.R.S.T. Step 
This course is designed to provide entering freshman business majors an enriched curriculum that examines key issues in the global business environment and emphasizes the importance of ethical business practices. The course culminates with a team project that encourages students to address real world problems and encourages a lifelong commitment to civic engagement.

Requisite: School of Business Administration. (Required of all new incoming Business freshmen)

ECO 211        Economic Principles and Problems (Microeconomics) 
Fundamental course devoted to development and application of basic analytical tools and principles required for an understanding of major economic problems and policy alternatives available for their solution. Particular emphasis on microeconomic analysis. Topics include the study of markets under varying conditions of competition, including market deficiencies such as pollution, prices, and resource allocation distribution of income, including poverty problems, the economics of the firm and the government, and international economic relations.

ECO 212        Economic Principles and Problems (Macroeconomics)
Continuation of ECO 211. Course emphasis is placed on macroeconomic analysis. Areas covered include national income and employment analysis, money and banking, economic growth, and comparison of different economic systems, including the problems of developing the less developed world.

MKT 201        Foundations of Marketing     
Understanding and satisfying consumer need through product planning, pricing, promotion, and distribution. Students identify and analyze marketing problems. Discovery and application of marketing skills are developed by marketing planning assignments, computer simulations, and case analysis.


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