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Every year, MBA students at the University of Miami School of Business Administration expand their education, work experiences and professional networks through internship positions in organizations of all kinds - both inside and outside the United States.  Our highly personalized, flexible graduate programs go beyond preparing students for careers in business.  Our ultimate goal is to create tomorrow's success stories by emphasizing such leadership skills as communication, conflict negotiation and resolution, time management, and cross-cultural and interpersonal training.  Our faculty and students are noted for their global outlook and diversity, and we support their effort with first-rate technology and research facilities - all within arm's reach of the burgeoning international business community of Greater Miami.

Your organization can tap into these remarkable resources - and solve some pressing short-term needs - even as you build goodwill and help shape tomorrow's business leaders.  Internship recruitment is an investment in both our students' and your business' futures.

Internship  Cycles

Graduate students are available for 15-20 hours per week during the semester (August through December and January through May).  Full-time internships (40 hours per week) are available only during the summer months, May through August.

On-Campus Recruitment

Interviews for internships can be conducted throughout the year.  To schedule a date or learn about a variety of interview options, call The Ziff Center at (305) 284-6905 or e-mail us at ziffinfo@miami.edu.

Résumé Referrals

With your job description in hand, we will conduct a targeted search through student résumés to find those candidates who best match your specifications. 

Salary Guidelines

Salaries for interns vary according to industry, project or position.  Statistics for the previous recruiting year can be obtained from The Ziff Center staff.

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