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Organizational Behavior

Note: The Organizational Behavior Specialization will not be admitting students for Fall 2017.

The Department of Management offers a PhD program in the following areas: Operations Management, Organizational Behavior and Strategy/International Business. Our research in these areas brings together relevant concepts, skills and techniques from many disciplines to blend theory and research into the development of effective strategies for managers. The goal in each of these areas is to better manage business processes and organizations to achieve the greatest competitive advantage.

Program Description for Organizational Behavior Concentration

The PhD Program specialization in Organizational Behavior prepares new students for distinguished academic careers at major universities through intensive coursework and individualized mentoring. Students work closely with nationally and internationally known senior and junior faculty on theoretical and empirical research projects that are targeted toward the top-tier academic journals in the field. This PhD is not intended to prepare practitioners or consultants in business. Students with these intentions should seek an MBA.

Although training is in the broad discipline of Organizational Behavior, research emphasis is especially placed on leadership, power and influence, trust, fairness, mentoring, and research methods — areas in which the faculty are particularly strong and well-known. Students will be immersed in established faculty research programs from their first day on campus and will be expected to develop their own area(s) of special competence prior to graduation. Since teaching is a fundamental component of the academic profession, PhD students will also be coached to develop their teaching skills. PhD students are required to teach after successfully passing the Qualifying exam, an opportunity that allows them to practice and hone their skills and receive teaching evaluation ratings (which are beneficial for the job market).

A typical student in Organizational Behavior would take the following core courses during the first two years of the program: Organizational Behavior, Individual & Interpersonal Processes, Leadership & Group Processes, Research Methods, Strategic Management, and Social Psychology. In addition, students would be expected to take independent studies with faculty mentors, as well as additional classes in allied disciplines such as psychology, sociology, and statistics.

Faculty in the Organizational Behavior area have successfully published their work in all the top-tier journals in the field, including the Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Behavior & Human Decision Processes and Journal of International Business Studies, among others. Our faculty commonly present at a number of professional association annual meetings and have won numerous “Best Paper” awards at these meetings. Our faculty also serve as members of the editorial review boards of some of the most prestigious journals in the field.

Students graduating with a PhD in Organizational Behavior from this program have received initial placements at good schools including, Louisiana State University, San Francisco State University, University of Missouri, and the University of Hong Kong.

PhD Program Policies and Procedures
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