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About the Program

A cross-disciplinary program of advanced training in economics and business.
Founded in 1925, the University of Miami has long held an international reputation for its innovative approaches to graduate education. The School of Business Administration has offered a PhD in economics for nearly 20 years. The School has extended this tradition to offer qualified applicants the opportunity to participate in a unique program of doctoral studies in business. The program now allows students to pursue degree work in economics, management science, marketing, operations management, organizational behavior and strategy/international business, and will soon be expanded to other functional areas of business. The program is designed to equip students with the skills needed to undertake original knowledge creation in these areas, leading to academic placement in the world’s top research universities.

Program Description and Philosophy

The PhD program is built on the philosophy that the most innovative research ideas come from the cross-fertilization of theories, problems and methods across disciplines. To equip students with the skills needed to undertake such work, entering students will first complete one of two core course tracks that provide foundational training in one of the basic social sciences:  an economic theory/econometrics track designed for students pursuing research in economics and the quantitative areas of finance, management science, marketing science and operations management, and a psychology/sociology track designed for students pursuing research in consumer decision-making, organizational behavior or strategy/international business.  Depending on their interests, students will then follow specialized programs of study that build deep expertise in one of these areas of study, under the guidance of one of our faculty experts in the student's area of interest. The small size of our program allows students frequent one-on-one access to our renowned faculty. In addition, students will then have the opportunity undertake cross-disciplinary training outside of the traditional domains of business and economics.

Mentoring and Placement

The PhD program is designed to prepare students for modern realities of research and placement in academic departments of economics and at business schools.  Research in these areas is increasingly interdisciplinary in flavor, and graduates are expected to have several completed research projects when entering the academic job market. To address this need, students will begin partnering with faculty immediately upon entering the program, with a one-on-one mentoring model continuing for duration of the program. The program requires year-round, full-time study in order to maximize interaction between faculty and students. In addition to stipends and tuition waivers, funding will be provided to allow students to present their work at professional conferences where they can network with students and faculty from other related PhD programs. Students are typically prepared to enter the academic job market during the fourth year of the program.

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