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Specialized Master's Programs

Why Earn Your Specialized Master’s Degree at The University of Miami?


The University of Miami School of Business Administration is highly regarded for developing innovative leaders with the intellectual capital and business acumen to transform society here and around the world. Our highly selective programs are designed to provide a comprehensive framework with which you will ultimately parlay into strategic decision making that yields profitable, sustainable results.

The School of Business offers a premier catalog of master’s degree programs geared toward specific career paths. Each of these full-time programs can be completed in less than one year. Whether you choose to pursue in-depth business analysis, delve into research in economics or enhance your proficiency in taxation, you will gain new skills in a specialized area that will make you more valuable to your organization and more competitive in the marketplace.



Master of Science in Accounting

The 21st century has brought with it a complex economic climate. The Master of Science in Accounting offers a concentrated curriculum comprised of financial and managerial accounting, auditing and systems. Both the accelerated and full-time program produce professionals who become invaluable as adjusters of public accounting firms, and as accounting and information specialists of industry or government.


Master of Science in Taxation

The Master of Science in Taxation prepares students for careers requiring a high degree of specialized tax knowledge in public accounting, private industry, and government. You will master the technical skills required to follow federal codes and regulations, which is essential for success in a career in taxation.


Master of Science in Business Analytics

The Master of Science in Business Analytics trains you to analyze big data so that you can turn abstract figures into meaningful information with which to predict consumer behavior and forecast critical outcomes for organizations. With the ability to make important business inferences, you will be well positioned to help companies realize a greater return on investment.


Master of Science in Finance

If you have a propensity for numbers, the Master of Science in Finance is for you. This intensive program refines quantitative aptitude with an emphasis on developing communication skills. This is a distinct advantage over other similar programs and will better prepare you for the competitive field of finance.


Master in Health Administration

The Master in Health Administration prepares students to  lead administrations of health care systems, physician groups, insurance companies, medical device companies and health care facilities. You will understand business principles and their application to the health care sector and will be exposed to key health care industry concepts including dynamic and complex management and policy structures in the business sector. 


Master of International Business Studies

As our world gets smaller, there is an ever increasing need for professionals to meet challenges and leverage opportunities in markets around the globe. The Master of International Business Studies exposes you to the intricacies of international economies while developing regional competency in your area of interest.


Master of Science in Management Studies with a Specialization in Leadership

The Master of Science in Management Studies with a specialization in leadership program is designed to help students better understand and integrate management concepts, apply conceptual models to troubleshoot issues and problems, enhance their ability to create action plans to identify and strengthen personal leadership skills, and to develop skills to lead change within organizations.


Master of Arts in Economics

The Master of Arts in Economics is designed for those who want to skillfully apply economic principles to solve real world problems. The program is particularly appealing to those who may want to continue their education at the PhD level.


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