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Elective Courses

Students in the Professional MBA program may pursue special areas of interest by choosing from a broad range of elective courses. Electives will be offered based on student demand. Each student will select three elective courses, with the option of taking a fourth elective. Course descriptions can be found in the Graduate Bulletin.

BUS 624

Asian/Pacific Business Environment - China

BUS 624

Asian/Pacific Business Environment - India

BUS 625

Latin American Business Environment

CIS 689

Entrepreneurship:  Launching a High-Tech Venture

FIN 650

Financial Investments

FIN 670

Corporate Finance

FIN 686

Financial Decision Making

MGT 621

High Performance Leadership

MGT 622

High Performance Teams

MGT 624

Negotiation Strategies

MGT 625

Entrepreneurship:  Creating New Ventures

MGT 661

Influence, Power & Politics in Organizations

MKT 645

International Marketing

MKT 649

Strategic Brand Management

ACC 672

Advanced Financial Analysis

BSL 692

Legal Implications of International Business Transactions

ECO 695

Global Economics

FIN 651

Advanced Topics in Investments

FIN 660

International Finance

FIN 674

Financial Analysis of Mergers and Acquisitions

MGT 623

Human Resource Systems

MGT 645

Supply Chain Management

MGT 679

Mergers and Acquisitions

MGT 680

Doing Business in China

MGT 691

International Management

MAS 633

Introduction to Quality Management

MAS 663

Project Management and Modeling

MKT 641

Marketing Research

MKT 644

Services Marketing

MKT 646

Consumer Behavior

MKT 647

Advertising and Communication Management

MKT 648

New Product Development

BSL 691

The Public Corporation

BSL 694

Real Estate Law

BTE 612

Enterprise Technologies

BTE 613

Business Intelligence Technologies

BTE 617

Information Technology Project Management

ECO 699

Selected Topic - The Economics of Health Care

FIN 644

Real Estate Investment and Appraisal

FIN 645

Real Estate Finance

FIN 661

Advanced Topics in International Finance

FIN 671

Advanced Topics in Corporate Finance

FIN 681

Financial Institutions

FIN 685

Mathematics of Financial Derivatives

MAS 634

Administrative Systems for Quality Management

MAS 635

Design of Experiments

MAS 636

Statistical Process Control and Reliability

MAS 637

Applied Regression Analysis and Forecasting

MAS 638

Management Science Consulting

MKT 642

Pricing and Value Management

MKT 643

Consumer Insights

MKT 675

Marketing Analytics

BTE 680

Foundations of Programming in C++

BTE 699

Special Topic - Cyber Security

FIN 679

Private Equity and Venture Capital

MGT 698

Families in Business

MAS 639

Data Acquisition, Preparation and Visualization

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