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Professional MBA Career Services

The Ziff Graduate Career Services Center equips Professional MBA students with state-of-the-art resources and education for their career search.

One of the most important goals of the Ziff Center is to maximize students' chances for maintaining a successful career. The staff promotes Professional MBA students to the local and national business communities and strengthens relations with recruiters in order to help them secure the best possible career opportunities. We actively market these students to a broad array of companies from Fortune 1000 firms to entrepreneurial, regional and local companies.

Initiatives include MBA-focused career fairs, exclusive company networking events and national career fairs. In addition, many employers schedule on-campus information sessions and interview students throughout the year at the Ziff Center, while others post jobs on our website.

Career Services for Professional MBA Participants

1. Résumé and Public Profile Consulting

i. In-person consulting and access to the Ziff Graduate Career Services Center résumé template and instructions to craft a powerful professional résumé.

ii. Opportunity to post high-quality résumés, review jobs/internships, and participate in on-campus recruiting.

iii. Support with public profile postings in social media outlets (i.e.,  LinkedIn).

iv. Assistance with cover letter writing.

2. Career Workshops

i. Résumé writing

ii. Job search strategies/networking

iii. Interviewing

3. Networking Opportunities with Professional MBA Participants and University of Miami School of Business Alumni

4. Assessments and Coaching

i. Opportunity to be matched with alumni mentors with similar professional interests.

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