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Dasborough, Marie, "Schadenfreude: The (not so) Secret Joy of Another’s Misfortune," Journal of Business Ethics

Emery, Douglas, "Who Moves Markets in a Sudden Market-Wide Crisis? Evidence from Nine-Eleven," Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

Kanuri, Vamsi, "Investor Reactions to Same Day Positive and Negative Stakeholder Related Announcements," Journal of Business Ethics

Kumar, Alok, "Gambling and Comovement," Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

Kumar, Alok, "Political Contributions and Analyst Behavior," Review of Accounting Studies

Laran, Juliano, "Exploring the Differences between Conscious and Unconscious Goal Pursuit," Journal of Marketing Research

Laran, Juliano, "Loss of Control and Self-regulation: The Role of Childhood Lessons," Journal of Consumer Research

Laran, Juliano, "The Effect of Stress on Consumer Saving and Spending," Journal of Marketing Research

Luo, Yadong, "An Investigation of Interpersonal Ties in Inter-organizational Exchanges in Emerging Markets: A Boundary-spanning Perspective," Journal of Management

Townsend, Claudia, "Where You Say It Matters: How Distance between Marketing Message and Product Influences Message Believability," Journal of Consumer Psychology

Wysocki, Peter, "The Economics of Disclosure and Financial Reporting Regulation: Evidence and Suggestions for Future Research," Journal of Accounting Research


Cronqvist, Henrik, "The Origins of Savings Behavior," Journal of Political Economy

Cronqvist, Henrik, "Value Versus Growth Investing: Why Do Different Investors Have Different Styles?" Journal of Financial Economics

Geng, Xin, "Fairness Among Servers When Capacity Decisions Are Endogenous," Production and Operations Management

Khan, Uzma, "The Effect of Self-Control on the Construction of Risk Perceptions," Management Science

Kim, Kyungmin, "Efficient Competition through Cheap Talk: The Case of Competing Auctions," Econometrica

Korniotis, George, "Local Business Cycles and Local Liquidity," Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

Kumar, Alok, "Home Away From Home: Economic Relevance and Local Investors," Review of Financial Studies

Kumar, Alok, "Local Business Cycles and Local Liquidity," Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

Kumar, Alok, "Political Values, Culture, and Corporate Fraud," Management Science

Kumar, Alok, "Weather-Induced Mood, Institutional Investors, and Stock Returns," Review of Financial Studies

Kumar, Alok, "What is in a Name? Mutual Fund Flows When Managers Have Foreign Sounding Names," Review of Financial Studies

Laran, Juliano, "The Influence of Pride on Self-Regulation," Journal of Consumer Research

Luo, Yadong, "West meets East: New Concepts and Theories," Academy of Management Journal

Makri, Marianna, "Not All Risks Are Equal:: The Behavioral Agency Model and CEO's Perception of Firm Efficacy," Human Resource Management

Parmeter, Christopher, "Efficiency or Competition? A Structural Econometric Analysis of Canada's AWS Auction and the Set-Aside Provision," Production and Operations Management

Plant, Robert, "The 360 Degree View of the Customer," Harvard Business Review

Rantal, Ville, "Social Learning and Peer Effects," Journal of Financial Economics

Todorova, Gergana, "Conflict Expression: A Behavioral Reconceptualization of Conflict," Academy of Management Review

Townsend, Claudia, "Online Merchandise Presentation: The Use of Dynamic versus Static ImagesChoice," Journal of Marketing

Yang, Nan, "PBM Competition in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain: Formulary Design and Drug Pricing," Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

Yang, Nan, "Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Management under Fluctuating Procurement Costs," Manufacturing & Service Operations Management











































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