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Michael  Tsiros

Michael Tsiros

Vice Dean of Faculty, Patrick J. Cesarano Scholar, Department Chair and Professor of Marketing

(305) 284-5950
Kosar Epstein 512

Research Interests

  • Customer satisfaction and regret
  • Symbolic association of brand assets
  • Numeracy and price promotions

Selected Publications

“The Contingent Nature of the Symbolic Associations of Visual Design Elements: The Case of Brand Logo Frames,” Journal of Consumer Research, forthcoming (with Fajardo and Zhang)

“An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Uncertainty in Marketing Promotions Involving Free Gifts,” Journal of Marketing, (with Laran)

“When More is Less: The Impact of Base Value Neglect on Consumer Preferences for Bonus Packs over Price Discounts,” Journal of Marketing, (with Chen, Marmorstein, and Rao)

“Effects of Expiration Date-Based Pricing on Brand Image Perceptions,” Journal of Retailing, (with Theotokis and Pramatari)

“Understanding the Co-Creation Effect: When Does Collaborating with Customers Provide a Lift to Service Recovery?” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, (with Roggeveen and Grewal)

“Buyer-Seller Relationships: A Boundary Condition of the Impact Bias,” Marketing Letters, (with Monga, Chen, and Srivastava)

"Ending a Price Promotion: Retracting it in One Step or Phasing it Out Gradually" Journal of Marketing (with David Hardesty)

“Releasing the Regret Lock: Consumer Response to New Alternative after a Sale,” Journal of Consumer Research

“The Effect of Compensation on Repurchase Intentions in Service Recovery,” Journal of Retailing (with Grewal and Roggeveen)

“Customer Experience Creation: Determinants, Dynamics and Management Strategies,” Journal of Retailing (with Lemon, Parasuraman, Schlesinger, and Verhoef)

"Commitment Bias: A Way to Preserve Exchange Relationships," Journal of Service Research (with Ross and Mittal)

"The Effect of Expiration Dates and Perceived Risks on Purchasing Behavior in Grocery Store Perishable Categories," Journal of Marketing (with Heilman)

"The Role of Attributions in Customer Satisfaction: A Reexamination," Journal of Consumer Research (with Mittal and Ross)

"The Role of Issue Valence and Issue Capability in Determining Effort Investment," Journal of Marketing Research (with Mittal and Ross)

"Regret: A Model of Its Antecedents and Consequences in Consumer Decision Making," Journal of Consumer Research (with Mittal)

"Attribute-Level Performance, Satisfaction, and Behavioral Intentions Over Time: A Consumption-System Approach," Journal of Marketing (with Mittal and Kumar)

"Effect of Regret on Post-Choice Valuation: The Case of More Than Two Alternatives," Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes

Teaching and Professional Experience

  • Dartmouth College
  • London Business School
  • Washington University in St. Louis
  • Temple University
  • Consultant, Research Data Analysis, Inc. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
  • Senior Analyst, The Response Center, Inc. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


  • Ph.D., Temple University
  • MBA, St. John's University
  • B.S., St. John's University


  • Consumer behavior
  • Marketing research
  • Pricing

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