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Uzma  Khan

Uzma Khan

Associate Professor, Marketing

(305) 284-4207
Jenkins 314K

Research Interests

  • Judgment and Decision-Making
  • Self-Control
  • Goals and Motivation
  • Risk Perception in Financial and Health Decision

Selected Publications

Khan, Uzma and Daniella Kupor (Forthcoming), “Value Atrophy in Risk Perception,” Journal of Consumer Research.

Jia, Jayson, Uzma Khan, and  Ab Litt (2015), “The Effect of Self-Control on the Construction of Risk Perceptions,” Management Science, Vol. 61, No. 9, pp. 2259-2280.

Kim, Eunice, Uzma Khan, and Ravi Dhar (2013), “Comparing Apples to Apples or Apples to Oranges: The Role of Mental Representation in Choice Difficulty,” Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 50, No. 4, pp. 505-516.

Khan, Uzma, Meng Zhu, and Ajay Kalra (2011), “When Tradeoffs Matter: The Effect of Choice Construal on Context Effects,” Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 48, No. 1, pp. 62-71.

Khan, Uzma and Ravi Dhar (2010), “Price Framing Effects on Purchase of Hedonic & Utilitarian Bundles,” Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 47, No. 6, pp. 1090-1099.

Litt, Ab, Uzma Khan, and Baba Shiv (2010), “Lusting While Loathing: Parallel Counter-Driving of Wanting & Liking,” Psychological Science Vol. 21, No. 1, pp. 118-125.

Khan, Uzma and Ravi Dhar (2007), “Where There Is a Way, Is There a Will? The Effect of Future Choices on Current Preferences,” Journal of Experimental Psychology-General, Vol. 136, No. 2, pp. 277-288.

Dhar, Ravi, Joel Huber, and Uzma Khan (2007), “The Shopping Momentum Effect,” Journal of Marketing Research”, Vol. 44, No. 3, pp. 370-378.

Khan, Uzma and Ravi Dhar (2006), “Licensing Effect in Consumer Choice,” Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 43, No. 2, pp. 259-266.

Teaching and Professional Experience

  • Associate Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University


  • Ph.D., Yale University
  • , Economics (Gold Medal), University of Peshawar, Pakistan

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