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Gergana  Todorova

Gergana Todorova

Assistant Professor, Management

(305) 284-8651
Jenkins 412C

Research Interests

  • Group dynamics
  • Group conflict
  • Group cognition
  • Creativity

Selected Publications

Weingart, L. R., Behfar, K. J., Bendersky, C., Todorova, G., & Jehn, K. A. (2015). The directness and oppositional intensity of conflict expression. Academy of Management Review, 40(2), 235-262.

Todorova, G., Bear, J., & Weingart, L. (2014). Can conflict be energizing? A study of task conflict, positive emotions, and job satisfaction. Journal of Applied Psychology, 99: 451-467.

Todorova, G., Brake, M., & Weingart, L.R. 2011. Task conflict and idea sharing in interdisciplinary research labs: Diversity salience matters. Academy of Management Proceedings, August 1, 2008, 2008:1 1-6; doi:10.5465/AMBPP.2008.33662047

Cronin, M., Weingart, L., & Todorova, G. 2011. Dynamics in groups: Are we there yet? Academy of Management Annals, 5: 571-612.

Weingart, L.R., Todorova, G., & Cronin, M.A. 2010. Task conflict, problem solving, and yielding: Effects on team cognition and performance in functionally diverse innovation teams. Negotiation and Conflict Management Research (special issue on Asymmetry in Conflict), 3: 312-337. *Best Published Paper in Negotiations and Conflict Management Research for 2010

Gino, F., Argote, L., Miron-Spektor, E., & Todorova, G. 2010. First, get your feet wet: The effects of learning from direct and indirect experience on team creativity. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 111: 93-101.

Weingart, L., Todorova, G., & Cronin, M. 2008. Representational gaps, team integration, and team creativity: The mediating role of conflict and coordination. Academy of Management Proceedings, January 2011, 2011:1 1-7; doi:10.5465/AMBPP.2011.65869632

Todorova, G., Argote, L., & Reagans, R. 2008. Working alone or together? Individual motivation, group identification and the development of transactive memory systems. A d f M t P di A t 1 2008 2008 1 1 6

Honors and Awards

  • Best Paper Award, Academy of Management Conference, 2014
  • Best Paper Award, Academy of Management Conference, 2013
  • Best Paper Award, Academy of Management Conference, 2011
  • Best Published Paper in Negotiation and Conflict Management Research, 2011
  • Research Fellowship, Donalf H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurship, 2009 - 2010
  • Best Student Paper Award, Academy of Management Conference, 2003


  • Ph.D., Organizational Behavior and Theory, Carnegie Mellon University, 2011
  • Ph.D., Strategy and Corporate Policy, Bocconi University, Italy, 2005
  • MBA, Management, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, 1997
  • B.A., University of National and World Economics, Bulgaria, 1994


  • Teams and groups in organizations
  • Innovation management
  • Conflict management and negotiations

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