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Management Faculty

The Department of Management full-time faculty has been delivering fine services to our stakeholders. Our faculty members excel in the following areas:

  • Average teaching evaluations range from 4.5-4.6 (5 is highest) per semester
  • Research appears in  numerous top-tier refereed journals every year
  • Scholarly books written and published each year
  • Involvement in many academic activities, serving as editors, reviewer board members, guest editors, and program chairs
  • The Department supports the business community in a multitude of ways and channels (e.g., from offering consulting courses and business plan competition, to providing public seminars and consulting). Overall, our faculty’s teaching and research orientation is well balanced by their extensive involvement with the business community. Field research, diagnostic consulting, and training assistance are just some of the ways our faculty maintain an ongoing relationship with local, national, and international practitioners. This dynamic balance among teaching, research, and involvement with practicing executives offers students and faculty a stimulating environment for learning and professional development.


In recent years, faculty publications have appeared in all flagship journals in management including: Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Administrative Science Quarterly, IIE Transactions, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Operations Management, Management Science, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, Naval Research Logistics, Organization Science, Production and Operations Management, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Strategic Management Journal, The Leadership Quarterly, to name a few. Among MGT faculty, one has earned the distinction of being the most prominent publisher of refereed journal articles, world-wide, in international business. Our faculty’s books and articles on leadership, strategy, international business, corporate governance, supply chain and operations, and business in emerging economies have been widely cited. Several colleagues have won best paper awards in major journals and at annual conferences, and many serve on the editorial boards of refereed journals in their respective fields.


Together, the faculty teach over 170 undergraduate and graduate courses annually, earning average teaching evaluations that consistently place them in the top two or three of the departments within the School. Undergraduate majors are offered in Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, and Management. Several faculty members have won School and University-wide teaching awards for their pedagogical excellence. Faculty are also involved in overseeing student internships, providing guidance to students on research projects and directed studies, serving on student committees, and helping organize various student clubs (e.g., Entrepreneurship Club, Human Resource Club). Several faculty members also serve on the Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculum Task Forces to upgrade rigor, technology, use of experiential material in all classes. The Department has made tremendous efforts to strengthen the engagement with the community.


MGT faculty take great pride in the diversity and quality of community engagement and service and continually supports the School, the University, and professional communities with quality services. MGT Faculty contribute in numerous ways to the University and broader communities. Among the various types of service activities are: (1) Involvement in school-level committees (School Council, Tenure and Promotion Committee, Curriculum Committee, Research Committee, etc); (2) University-wide committees (Faculty Senate, Academic Personnel Board, Graduate School committees, SACS committees, Provost Scholarly Activity Award Committee, etc); and (3) Professional service (four past presidents of professional associations, permanent fellows of the leading professional association, editors of special issues, committee assignments/chairs within professional associations, conference chairs, division chairs or track chairs of professional associations, etc.). MGT faculty members also serve as editor, associate editor, department editor, and/or guest editor of many high-impacting refereed journals, including Academy of Management Review, Decision Sciences, Group & Organization Management, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of World Business, Journal of Management, Management and Organization Review, Organizational Research Methods, Production and Operations Management, among others. The Department also supports the School and the University with faculty in key administrative positions.


Kerr, Jeffrey

Luo, Yadong
Neider, Linda
Scandura, Teresa
Schriesheim, Chester
Ullmann, Steven
Yang, Nan

Associate Professors
Cooper, Cecily
Dasborough, Marie
Jayaraman, Vaidy

Makri, Marianna
Mezias, John
Natarajan, Harihara
Tang, Sammi Yu

Assistant Professors
Geng, Xin
Todorova, Gergana

Professor Emeriti
Daniels, John
Kujawa, Duane
Werther, William

Alonso, Sheryl
Alvarez-Diaz, Susy
Bouclier, Olivier
Chua, Chei Hwee
Daniels, Vincent
Ganitsky, Joseph
Hagan, Christine
Portnoy, Marina
Romero-Simpson, Jose
Ruelas-Gossi, Alejandro
Williamson, George ("Trae")

PhD Students

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