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Tallys  Yunes

Tallys Yunes

Associate Professor, Management Science

(305) 284-5107
Kosar Epstein 405

Research Interests

  • Prescriptive Analytics and applications of mathematical modeling to a variety of problems, such as: product line simplification, scheduling (sports, crews, call centers, manufacturing), political districting, information display on maps, routing and transportation, location, and operations management in general.
  • Integration of optimization techniques, integer programming, constraint programming, metaheuristics and large neighborhood search.

Selected Publications

"Lower Bounds for Large Traveling Umpire Instances: New Valid Inequalities and a Branch-and-Cut Algorithm" (with L. de Oliveira and C. C. de Souza). Computers and Operations Research 72, 147-159, 2016.

"Modeling with Metaconstraints and Semantic Typing of Variables" (with A. A. Cire and J. N. Hooker). INFORMS Journal on Computing 28(1), 1-13, 2016.

"Arc-Based Integer Programming Formulations for Three Variants of Proportional Symbol Maps" (with R. Cano, P. J. de Rezende, and C. C. de Souza). Discrete Optimization 18, 87-110, 2015.

"On the Complexity of the Traveling Umpire Problem" (with L. de Oliveira and C. C. de Souza). Theoretical Computer Science 562, 101-111, 2015.

"Optimizing the Layout of Proportional Symbol Maps: Polyhedra and Computation" (with G. Kunigami, P. J. de Rezende, and C. C. de Souza). INFORMS Journal on Computing 26(2), 199-207, 2014.

"Improved Bounds for the Traveling Umpire Problem: A Stronger Formulation and a Relax-and-Fix Heuristic" (with L. de Oliveira and C. C. de Souza). European Journal of Operational Research 236(2), 592-600, 2014.

"BDD-Based Heuristics for Binary Optimization" (with D. Bergman, A. Cire, and W.-J. van Hoeve). Journal of Heuristics 20(2), 211-234, 2014.

"Scheduling Major League Baseball Umpires and the Traveling Umpire Problem" (with M. A. Trick and H. Yildiz). Interfaces 42(3), 232-244, 2012.

"Software Tools Supporting Integration". In Hybrid Optimization — The Ten Years of CPAIOR, M. Milano and P. Van Hentenryck (eds.), Springer, 2011. ISBN: 978-1-4419-1643-3.

"An Integrated Solver for Optimization Problems" (with I. D. Aron and J. N. Hooker). Operations Research 58(2), 342-356, 2010.

"Finding Efficient Product Portfolios at John Deere and Company" (with D. Napolitano, A. Scheller-Wolf and S. Tayur). Operations Research 55(4), 615-629, 2007.

"Hybrid Column Generation Approaches for Urban Transit Crew Management Problems" (with A. V. Moura and C. C. de Souza). Transportation Science 39(2), 273-288, 2005.

"SIMPL: A System for Integrating Optimization Techniques" (with I. D. Aron and J. N. Hooker). Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3011, 21-36, CP-AI-OR 2004.

"On the Sum Constraint: Relaxations and Applications", Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2470, 80-92, CP 2002.

For an up-to-date list of publications and working papers see my curriculum vitae.

Teaching and Professional Experience

  • Participated in consulting projects with Burger King's supply chain management and distribution co-op, Caterpillar Inc., Deere and Co., and Major League Baseball
  • Instructor in the MBA program, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University, Summer and Fall 2004
  • Teaching Fellow, Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence, Carnegie Mellon University, 2002-2005
  • Teaching Assistant for both MBA and PhD programs (23 times), Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University, 2001-2005


  • Ph.D., Operations Research, Carnegie Mellon University
  • M.S., Operations Research, Carnegie Mellon University
  • M.S., Computer Science, UNICAMP, Brazil
  • B.S., Computer Engineering, UNICAMP, Brazil


  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Operations Research
  • Combinatorial Optimization

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