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Faculty and Staff

Paul  Sugrue

Paul Sugrue

Professor, Management Science

(305) 284-2426
Kosar Epstein 409

Selected Publications

"An Optimization Model for the Allocation of University Based Merit Aid" The Journal of Student Financial Aid 2010

"Financial Aid Planning: An Optimization Approach" International Journal of Operations Research 2007 (with Anuj Mehrotra)

"An Optimization Model to Determine Batting Order in Baseball" Internation Journal of Operations Research 2007 (with Anuj Mehrotra)

"Estimating the Demand Pattern for C Category Items," Journal of Operational Research Society 1997 (with John Bradford)

"Inventory Rotation Policies for Slow Moving Items Having Uncertain Heterogeneous Sales Patterns," Naval Research Logistics Review 1991 (with John Bradford)

"A Bayesian Approach to the Two-Period Style Goods Inventory Problem with Single Replenishment and Heterogeneous Poisson Demands," Journal of the Operational Research Society 1990 (with John Bradford)

Teaching and Professional Experience

  • Dean, School of Business, University of Miami
  • Senior Vice Provost, University of Miami
  • Interim Dean, University of Miami Graduate School
  • Associate Dean, University of Miami School of Business Administration
  • Instructor, Naval Operations and Navigation, U.S. Naval Officer Candidate
  • Instructor, Providence College
  • Lieutenant, United States Navy
  • Navigator / Combat Information Officer, U.S. Navy Destroyer
  • Director, Applica Incorporated (NYSE)


  • Ph.D., University of Massachusetts at Amherst
  • MBA, University of Rhode Island
  • B.S., United States Naval Academy


  • Operations research and managerial statistics
  • Financial Aid
  • Academic administration

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