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Steven G. Ullmann

Steven G. Ullmann

Professor and Chair, Department of Health Sector Management and Policy; and Director, Center for Health Sector Management and Policy

(305) 284-9920
Jenkins 421B

Research Interests

  • Integration of health care management, economics, law, government policy and regulation
  • Medical ethics
  • Health care systems and policy - domestically and internationally
  • Health care economics
  • Long-term health care, quality and costs
  • Cost-effectiveness of different methodologies of care
  • Determinants of early retirement
  • Patient Safety

Selected Publications

Hoagland, Porter; Jin di; Beet, Andrew; Kirkpatrick, Barbara; Reich, Andrew; Ullmann, Steve; Fleming, Lora E; Kirkpatrick, Gary. “The human health effects of Florida Red Tide (FRT) blooms: An expanded analysis,” Environmental International, Vol. 68, July 2014.

Gitlow, Howard, Ullmann, Steven G., Zuo “Amy” Qun, Zambrana, David, Campo, Rafael E., Lubarsky, David and Birnbach, David J., “The Causes of  Never Events in Hospitals” International Journal of Lean Six Sigma, Volume 4, Issue 3, pages 338-344, July 2013.

French, Michael T.; Homer, Jenny, Klevay, Shay; Goldman, Edward E.; Ullmann, Steven G.; Kahn, Barbara E.; “Is the United States Ready to Embrace Concierge Medicine?” Population Health Management, Volume 13, Number 4, 2010.

Nierenberg, Kate; Kirner, Karen; Fleming, Lora; Hoagland, Porter; Ullmann, Steven; LeBlanc, William G.; Kirkpatrick, Gary; Kirkpatrick, Barbara, “Changes in Work Habits of Lifeguards in Relation to Florida Red Tide,” Harmful Algae, Vol. 9, 2010 pp. 419-425.

Ullmann, Steven G, Martin, Pamela, Kelly, Catherine, and Homer, Jenny.  “Strategic Giving and the Nursing Shortage,” International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing, Volume 11, pages 3-11, Feburary, 2006.

Ullmann, S.G. The Future of Healthcare in a Post Castro Cuba. Prepared for the Cuba Transition Project (CTP).  Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies, University of Miami, November 2005. Funded in part by the Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

Omachonu, V.K., Suthummanon, S. and Ullmann, S.G., “A Predictive Model for Length of Stay for Medicare Patients Using MEPs Data (Medical Expenditure Panel Survey), 10th International Conference on Productivity and Quality Research, Miami, Florida, February 15-19, 2004.

Holtmann, Alphonse G. and Ullmann, Steve. Transaction Costs, Uncertainty, and Not-For-Profit Organizations.  The Nonprofit Sector in the Mixed Economy, edited by Avner Ben-Ner and Benedetto Gui, University of Michigan, 1991.

Idson, Todd and Ullmann, Steve.  "Differences in the Degree of Participation in Policy Determination by Registered Nurses in Nonprofit versus Proprietary Facilities," in One Path and Unbroken Trails:  The Volunteer Movement at the Turning Point.  Barbara D. & James S. Long (eds.) The Association of Voluntary Action Scholars, Inland Printing & MBA Publishing, Walla Walla, Washington, 1989

Longino, Charles F. and Ullmann, Steve.  The Economically-Advantaged Retiree: State Statistical Profiles.  Center for Social Research in Aging, University of Miami, August 1988.

Holtmann, A.G., and Ullmann, Steve.  "A Model of Non-Profit Enterprises and Donations to Nursing Homes," Politics, Public Policy and the Voluntary Sector, Robert B. Herman (ed.) (Kansas City, MO: Cookingham Institute of Public Affairs, Bloch School of Business and Public Administration, University of Missouri, Kansas City, 1987).

Teaching and Professional Experience

  • University of Miami classes taught include: Introduction to Health Administration; Macro and Micro Economics; Health Care Economics: Organization, Efficiency and Access; Essentials of Health Care Administration; Health Care Organization, Economics and Ethics; Health Care Management, Economics, Financing and Ethics; Structure and Processes In Health Care Organizations and Health Care Policy
  • Former Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and University Administration, University of Miami
  • Former Dean of the Graduate School, University of Miami


  • Ph.D., University of Michigan/Ann Arbor, 1980
  • M.A., University of Michigan/Ann Arbor, 1976
  • B.A., University of California at Berkeley, 1974


  • Health care management
  • Health care economics
  • Health care policy
  • Medical ethics
  • Managerial economics

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