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Health Sector Management and Policy Faculty


Steven G. Ullmann

Michael French
Donna E. Shalala

Associate Professor
Karoline Mortensen

Clinical Professor
Richard Clarke

Secondary Appointments
Julio Frenk
Felicia Knaul 
Anita Cava
Reid Cushman
Douglas R. Emery
Yongtao Guan
Howard S. Gitlow
Andrew J. Leone
David A. Lubarsky
Mary C. McKenry
Linda L. Neider
Vincent K. Omachonu
Sherri L. Porcelain
Sara Rushinek
Penny Shaffer
Karen Turner
William B. Werther
Jonathan P. West

Faculty members of the Department of Health Sector Management and Policy serve the School of Business and wider University community in the areas of health care management, economics, finance, and policy, as well as medical sociology.

Our faculty are committed to creating new knowledge through state of the art research, disseminating knowledge through excellence in teaching, and providing service to the profession, the University, and to the global community.


The creation of new knowledge is an essential part of the intellectual contribution of the Health Sector Management and Policy faculty to the academic and professional communities.

The department's faculty present their current work at professional meetings and publish in leading academic journals and other outlets appropriate to each faculty member’s particular area of research specialization.

Accordingly, the Health Sector Management and Policy faculty have an established record of articles in top academic journals, as well as numerous textbooks and monographs.


Health Sector Management and Policy faculty teach a variety of courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The undergraduate curriculum includes both a major and a minor in health sector management and policy.

At the graduate level, the School offers a long-running Executive MBA in Health Sector Management and Policy program as well as a joint MD/MBA program.


The faculty members of the Department of Health Sector Management and Policy maintain an active presence in the professional and business communities.

The faculty are active within the University community serving on many committees, as student advisors, on the boards of various institutes and centers including the School's Center for Health Sector Management and Policy.

Faculty are also actively involved with leading businesses and government agencies providing thougt leadership to influence their decision making processes.

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