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Business Law Faculty


Abril, Patricia

Cava, Anita
Olazábal, Ann Morales
Sacasas, René

Degnan, Erin
DeRouselle, Shannon
Donelson, Don
Greene, Nicholas
Guzzi, Vanessa
Hayes, Christyno
Katzen, Elizabeth
Martinez Evora, Joan
Segal, Martin
Shapiro, Mark
Turner, Karen

The Business Law Department is the University of Miami’s School of Business Administration center for scholarship and teaching at the intersection of law, ethics, and business. The Department consists of both full-time faculty as well as highly trained members of the Miami legal community, who act in the capacity of adjunct faculty.


The Business Law Department’s faculty members consistently publish in the top academic journals and law reviews, rivaling the business and commercial law faculties at many of the nation’s best law schools.  The Department's current research areas include:
  • Privacy law
  • Intellectual property and business
  • Business ethics
  • Healthcare law and ethics
  • Real estate law and realtor regulation
  • Federal securities regulation


The Business Law Department is the center for non-professional law and business ethics education at the University of Miami. Its required and elective course offerings are among the University’s most popular at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Department is committed to excellence in teaching and instruction, and Business Law faculty consistently win the highest awards for teaching excellence offered by both the School of Business and the University.
Business Law faculty have expertise and teach in two major areas, which comprise numerous topics of interest to students:
Business Law involves contracts, corporate law and securities regulation, international commercial transactions, intellectual property,  employment law, negotiation and dispute resolution, and the legal issues surrounding such fields as technology, sports and entertainment, entrepreneurship, real estate, and health care; and

Business Ethics examines how business entities and individuals can better serve their own and society's interests through the observance and promotion of ethical, moral, and social values as well as through community engagement.


The Department’s faculty contribute to the School of Business Administration, the University, as well as the local and national business communities in a variety of ways.  Business Law faculty are involved as faculty advisers for several student organizations, as members of numerous standing School and University committees and ad hoc task forces, as well as serving as elected and appointed members of School and University-wide shared governance bodies.  Members of the Department regularly speak before local, national, and international organizations and are regularly called upon by the media to address pertinent Business Law topics.  In addition, as individuals, Business Law faculty are involved in a wide range of community philanthropic and charitable efforts.  All members of the Department, whether full time or adjunct, are current members, in good standing, of their state bar associations.
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