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Michael  Willenborg

Michael Willenborg

Visiting Professor, Accounting

(305) 284-9565
Kosar Epstein 314Q

Research Interests

  • Empirical, economics-based research in auditing, financial accounting and Initial Public Offerings.

Selected Publications

“Issuer operating performance and IPO price formation”, with B. Wu and S. Yang.  Journal of Accounting Research (Forthcoming).

“How do auditors behave during periods of market euphoria? The case of Internet IPOs”, with A. Leone, S. Rice and J. Weber. Contemporary Accounting Research (Spring 2013): 182-214.

“Rules rather than discretion in audit standards: Going-concern opinions in Belgium”, with J. Carcello and A. Vanstraelen. The Accounting Review (September 2009): 1395-1428.

“Litigation risk, audit quality and audit fees: Evidence from IPOs”, with R. Venkataraman and J. Weber. The Accounting Review (September 2008): 1315-1346.

“Does auditor reputation matter? The Case of KPMG Germany and ComROAD AG”, with J. Weber and J. Zhang. Journal of Accounting Research (September 2008): 941-972.

“Disclosure of intended use of proceeds and underpricing in IPOs”, with A. Leone and S. Rock.  Journal of Accounting Research (March 2007): 111-153.

“An empirical analysis of auditor reporting and its association with abnormal accruals”, with M. Butler and A. Leone.  Journal of Accounting & Economics (June 2004): 139-165.

“Do expert informational intermediaries add value? Evidence from auditors in micro-cap IPOs”, with J. Weber. Journal of Accounting Research (September 2003):  681-720.

“Going-concern Initial Public Offerings”, with J. McKeown.  Journal of Accounting & Economics (December 2000): 279-313.

“Analyst following and count-data econometrics”, with S. Rock and S. Sedo.  Journal of Accounting & Economics (December 2000): 351-373.

“Regulatory separation as a mechanism to curb capture: A study of the decision to act against distressed insurers”.  The Journal of Risk and Insurance (December 2000): 593-616.

“Capital gains tax rates and the cost of capital for small business: Evidence from the IPO market”, with D. Guenther.  Journal of Financial Economics (September 1999): 385-408.

“Empirical analysis of the economic demand for auditing in the IPOs Market.”  Journal of Accounting Research (Spring 1999): 225-238.

Teaching and Professional Experience

  • Financial accounting – undergraduate, MBA and executive levels. Auditing – PhD level


  • Ph.D., Accounting and Economics, Pennsylvania State University, 1996
  • MBA, Finance, Fordham University, 1981
  • B.S., Accounting, Bucknell University, 1978


  • Auditing, Finance and Financial accounting issues associated with Initial Public Offerings

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