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The University of Miami School of Business is a thought leader, influencing business practice through leading-edge faculty research and engagement with the business community. Many of our faculty members sit on the editorial boards and serve or have served as editors, guest editors, advisory editors, associate editors and referees of leading journals.

The School’s faculty members also participate in leading business conferences as keynote speakers and conference chairs, serve as officers for professional associations, consult for major corporations, and provide pro bono work for nonprofit organizations.

The school regularly organizes and hosts business forums ranging from our economics, finance and management seminar series to impact conferences which bring together business leaders for forward-thinking discussions on the issues affecting management today.

These include a health care impact conference titled The Business of Health Care, hosted by the School's Center for Health Sector Management and Policy, and the University of Miami Real Estate Impact Conference, hosted jointly by the School of Business and the School of Architecture.



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