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Accounting Seminars



Date Speaker
Institution Title
Sept. 4
Vivian Fang University of Minnesota
Sept. 25
Michael Minnis University of Chicago
Oct. 2
Thomas Omer University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Oct. 30 Aiyesha Dey University of Minnesota
Nov. 6
Ilia Dichev Emory University
Nov. 13
Ken Bills University of Arkansas  
TBD Daniele Macciocchi University of Chicago  


Date Speaker
Institution Title
March 27
Giorgio Gotti University of Texas at El Paso
April 3
Lauren Cunningham University of Tennessee
April 24
Charles Wang Harvard Business School


Date Speaker
Institution Title
Sept. 12          
Suraj Srinavasan Harvard University Activist directors: Determinants and consequences
Sept. 19 Alastair Lawrence UC Berkeley Why Are Losses Less Persistent Than Profits? Curtailments versus Conservatism
Sept. 26 Regina Wittenberg-Moerman University of Chicago Active CDS Trading and Managers’ Voluntary Disclosure
Oct. 3 Sugata Roychowdhury Boston College Does Expanding Fiduciary Duties towards Debtholders Shift Focus to Long-Term Shareholder Value Creation?
Oct. 10 Steve Kachelmeier University of Texas at Austin The Disclaimer Effect of Disclosing Critical Audit Matters in the Auditor’s Report
Oct. 31 Frank Zhang Yale University  
Nov. 14 Mike Willenborg University of Connecticut  
Nov. 21 Shane Dikolli Duke University  
Dec. 12 Jeffrey Hales Georgia Tech University  


Date Speaker
Institution Title
Sept. 13
Hui Chen University of Colorado at Boulder Auditor Lobbying And Audit Quality (paper)
Sept. 20
Teri Yohn Indiana University Using firm-specific characteristics of accruals and operating cash flows to predict
future earnings and stock returns (paper)
Sept. 27
Salman Arif Indiana University The Investment Perspective of Accruals: Do Theories of Investment under Uncertainty
Provide Insight into the Factors that Shape a Firm’s Level of Accruals? (paper)
Oct. 4
Florin Vasvari London Business School Sticky Covenants (paper)
Oct. 11
Karl Muller Pennsylvania State University Business Press Coverage and Credit Rating Agency Monitoring (paper)
Oct. 18 Stephanie Larocque University of Notre Dame Implied cost of equity capital estimates as predictors of accounting returns (paper)
Oct. 25
Karen Sedatole Michigan State University Accounting-Based Performance Metrics and Executive Compensation
in Nonprofit Organizations (paper)
Nov.22 Partha Mohanram University of Toronto Evaluating Cross-Sectional Forecasting Models for
Implied Cost of Capital (paper)
Dec. 13
Hal White University of Michigan TBA


Date Speaker
Mar. 22
Jennifer Blouin University of Pennsylvania Where in the world are “permanently reinvested” foreign earnings? (paper)
Apr. 12
 Maya Thevenot Florida Atlantic University  Differential Interpretation of Public Information: Estimation and Inference.
Apr. 19
 Michal Matejka Arizona State University Information Asymmetry and the Choice of Financial and Nonfinancial Performance Targets During an Economic Downturn.
May 03
Jennifer Tucker  University of Florida The Effects of SEC Comment Letters on Qualitative Corporate Disclosure: Evidence from the Risk Factor Disclosure.


Date Speaker
Sept. 14 Dan Taylor University of Pennsylvania Can More Precise Earnings Increase Information Asymmetry?
Sept. 28 Zahn Bozanic Ohio State U Management Earnings Forecasts and Forward Looking Statements
Oct. 05 Gauri Bhat Washinton University in St. Louis The Implications of Banks’ Credit Risk Modeling for their
Loan Loss Provision Timeliness and Loan Origination Procyclicality (paper)
Oct. 19 Sudarshan Jayaraman Washinton University in St. Louis The Effect of Corporate Transparency on Bank Risk-taking and Banking System Fragility (paper)
Nov. 02 Amy Sun Pennsylvania State University Economic Consequences of Voluntary Disclosure Before Seasoned Equity
Offerings: The Impact of the 2005 Securities Offering Reform (paper)
Nov.09 Dushyant Vyas University of Minnesota The Risk-Relevance Of Securitizations During The Recent Financial Crisis (paper)
Nov. 30 Tjomme O. Rusticus Northwestern University Market inefficiency and implied cost of capital models (paper)
Dec.14 Michelle Hanlon MIT Understanding Why Firms Hold So Much Cash: A Tax Risk Explanation
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