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Our Core Values

The foundation of our community is a shared commitment to a set of core values.  These values create a distinctive learning environment, define the types of ideas and leaders we seek to produce, and guide us as we strive to achieve our goals and serve our internal and external stakeholders.

Achievement and Purpose

  • We have a passion for excellence and rigor in all that we do.
  • We aim to make a difference in the world.
  • We act with confidence, but also with humility and professionalism.

Innovation and Adaptability

  • We are open to new ideas and challenging the status quo.
  • We are resourceful and agile.
  • We do more with less for more.

Community and Teamwork

  • We respect others and embrace individual, intellectual, and cultural diversity.
  • We work together and support one another, especially across boundaries.
  • We are stronger when we connect and engage with our stakeholders.

Integrity and Responsibility

  • We act and make decisions with integrity and moral courage.
  • We are committed to being transparent and making ourselves accountable.
  • We are responsible stewards of our resources, people, community, and world.
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