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Developing Global Leaders at the Crossroads of the Americas


Our mission is to develop innovative ideas and principled leaders
that transform global business and society.


Our mission statement recognizes the multiple stakeholders that business schools serve, the nature of the ideas and leaders we seek to produce, and the high aspirations we have for the contribution both make to the world.

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We strive to be thought leaders that redefine business thought and practice in the broadest possible terms, including the shaping of business scholarship and how business is conceived, and to set the standard for business education.

Thought leadership starts with an innovative idea, an idea that creates new opportunities, motivates excellence, inspires action, and drives change.  Whatever the source – faculty, students, alumni, or supporters – innovative ideas provide the foundation of an academic learning community such as ours.

We aspire to develop principled leaders who will impact the world by creating, building, and improving organizations of all types while acting with the highest possible standards of ethical, social, and environmental responsibility and inspiring others to do the same.

Today’s graduates require an understanding of business and its role in the world that reflects management’s responsibility and accountability to all stakeholders.  To be successful, they will need to develop the critical thinking skills and judgment required to navigate competing stakeholder needs, especially in situations where ethical, social, and environmental principles conflict with financial or strategic objectives.

We believe the world needs innovative ideas and creative, principled leaders to successfully navigate the pressing challenges facing global business and society.  Globalization and technological advancement have created the most dynamic, interconnected, and complex marketplace in the history of mankind.  Stakeholder pressure for both financial performance and responsible business practice has never been stronger.  Leadership, innovation, and responsible citizenship are at a premium across all sectors and communities. 

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