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Student Entrepreneurship Clubs & Fellowships

Undergraduate Students

Heffner Entrepreneurial Fellowship

Aidman in Panama 
The 2008 Heffner Intern Fellow (left) in Panama with
real estate development entrepreneur, Juan Quintero
and son.

The Heffner Entrepreneurship Fellowship Endowment supports students with up to $3,000 to acquire and complete an entrepreneurship-related internship the summer following their junior years. The purpose is to encourage students interested in entrepreneurship to find and accept a business or entrepreneurial-related internship so they can put entrepreneurial skills into practice through real world experience. For qualification and application information, contact Entrepreneurship Programs at (305) 284-5846.

Graduate Students

Hurricane Ventures

Hurricane Ventures is a club for graduate business students interested in entrepreneurship and related fields.  The mission of Hurricane Ventures is to cultivate entrepreneurial activity amongst the UM students and to create a cohesive community of innovative business practitioners through educational and practical applications of entrepreneurship. Our organization is involved in start-up collaboration, networking events, key speaker workshops as well as hosting and competing in business plan competitions which present the opportunities to obtain mentorship and possible start-up capital. In addition, our initiatives & networked resources are focused on supporting students who wish to establish teams of entrepreneurs to build their own businesses and/or work in start-up businesses to gain real world experience. For more information, contact Aaron Newman at aaronmichaelnewman@gmail.com.
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