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PhD Program and Student Research

Endowed PhD Fellowships

The School of Business seeks ENDOWED PhD FELLOWSHIPS to support its PhD program which commenced in fall 2008.

The primary goal of the program is to produce well-trained candidates with research skills and records that are strong enough to ensure their placement as faculty members at leading business schools. Competition among business schools for superior applicants is intense. Offering research stipends to the strongest applicants will greatly increase the program’s appeal to the best doctoral candidates.

Student research funding will also help the School to recruit outstanding faculty because faculty candidates with significant potential for scholarly research invariably prefer to join institutions with strong PhD programs.

Undergraduate Student Research

The School’s undergraduate curriculum creates opportunities for business students to participate in research. For example, undergraduates are able to conduct research in the School's behavioral laboratory, which allows them to experience marketing in action and enrich their understanding of the value of research in the formulation of sound markety strategy.

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