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Faculty Chairs and Research

The School of Business offers funding opportunities for ENDOWED FACULTY CHAIRS and ENDOWED FACULTY SCHOLAR AWARDS.

Recognizing extraordinary leadership in a field of expertise and reserved for the most distinguished scholars, endowed chairs are excellent incentives and one of the best means by which to attract the nation’s top academic professionals to the School of Business Administration’s faculty.

Leading scholars not only bring prominence to a university, but also the innovation, leadership and research that invigorates the entire academic community. An endowed chair rewards academic achievement and provides resources to fund a professor’s work, enabling the recipient to pursue vital areas of research.

Research funding provides faculty members with opportunities for further inquiry and allows them to contribute in a more significant way to the annals of contemporary business research.  Publications in flagship journals are critical for elevating our School’s position in the widely disseminated rankings of business schools, of which faculty research productivity is a key component.

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