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UM Custom Executive Education Programs

The University of Miami School of Business brings a global perspective to business education for senior executives. Our executive education programs emphasize strategic thinking in rapidly changing business environment.  Disciplines such as accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing and strategy are integrated into the courses in a way that enables senior executives to apply the lessons learned in classes to their daily business activity.  We offer three types of graduate-level programs that can be customized for specific industries or individual companies.

Customized MBA 

We have developed company-specific programs for American Express, IBM, Motorola, Siemens, W.R. Grace and other major corporations.  The duration of the program ranges from 18 to 20 months, during which classes meet on or off our campus for two weeks every two months, or on weekends.

Professional Management Institute 

This “mini-MBA” class meets for 20 days and covers specially selected course material from our MBA programs.  It is designed for busy senior executives who want to supplement their on-the-job experience with current, world-class business education.

Customized Programs 

We also work closely with companies to develop specific training solutions.  Customized programs are created using a four-step process that begins with a need assessment and ends with a post-training assessment.  The programs typically include a combination of highly interactive classroom sessions, case discussions (developed specifically for the company), and small group exercises that encourage managers to use the learned tools in their jobs and become agents of change within their organizations.

Contact Us

Contact our Executive Education Center by e-mail or telephone at 305-284-1354 to discuss a specific training solution for your company.  

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