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Student Testimonials

"My experience with my mentor was very exciting and insightful. Through our meetings, I was able to perfect my résumé, improve my interviewing skills, learn about accounting in South Florida and meet many interesting people in the Miami business community. I truly believe that it was through the guidance of my mentor that I was able to secure a position with a big-five accounting firm upon graduation."
--Robert Feenan

"Not only have I gained knowledge from this experience, I feel I have also gained a friend."
--Ryan Greenblatt

"The relationship I had with my mentor was uplifting. He let me experience Burger King's marketing operations first hand. We discussed the international aspects of his job, business etiquette and marketing philosophy. I sincerely appreciate the time and effort he put into our relationship."
--Winfred Kroeze 

"My mentor has been an inspiration and major influence in my quest for success."
--Aaron Franz 

"My mentor helped me to realize my dream of a career in banking. He knew that the best way to help me was not through a 2- or 3-hour meeting but through exposure to day-to-day operations. Thanks to him, I landed a job with Continental National Bank of Miami. I have no words to thank him for what he has done for me. What he thought was a little push in the right direction was an enormous one for me at the right place and time in my life."
--Federico De Vries 

"I have had an absolutely wonderful experience. I thank my mentor for all his knowledge, help and expertise."
--Antoinette Guarino 

"In many ways, my mentor and his wife have made a strong and lasting impact on my life here in Miami. His exceptional insight into business, specifically in the area of consulting, has been extremely helpful to me in choosing the best course of action after graduation. He is truly a role model!"
--Dan Nelson 

"I would like to thank my mentor for being a wonderful friend. He has assisted me in so many ways--from reviewing my résumé to advising me on issues concerning my career. In addition, he has prepared me for interviewing with the big-five accounting firms. In all, he has been an extraordinary person to speak with about anything."
--Marisol Messir

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