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Mentor Testimonials

"Our time together was beneficial to both of us because it made me re-focus on my priorities and future career objectives. It was a great feeling to know that I was helping by contributing my time toward my student's future well-being. It was definitely time well spent."
--Henrietta Gurri McBee,  BSIE '84, MSIE '88, MBA '88

"Having participated in the Mentor Program since its inception, I continue to be a strong supporter. The feedback I receive indicates the program provides a great advantage in preparing students for their transition from college to the business world. The program is truly enjoyable and rewarding."
--Peter Kleinerman,  BA'73, MS '74, MBA'74

"I've been a mentor at UM since the program started, and I can't imagine going through a year without participating.   The Mentor Program gives me a wonderful opportunity to work with bright, eager young people who want to learn from me.   And every year I find out how much I have to learn from the protégés themselves.  No matter how precious my time becomes, this program is one I'll never give up."
--Ellen Bristol, Bristol Marketing Strategies

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