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Mentor Program

The School of Business Administration Mentor Program partners local professionals one-to-one with juniors, seniors and graduate students for career preparation assistance. Mentors and their protégés meet regularly throughout the academic year to discuss everything from study habits to career choices.

Mentors tell it like it is. They provide another voice that stresses the importance of a strong work ethic, a professional attitude and effective time management. 

Mentors show the ropes. They encourage students to watch them in action and teach them how to get the job done; they acquaint students with their colleagues and their professional organizations.

What is Mentoring? 

School of Business Administration Mentors are University of Miami alumni and other professionals who:

  • Are willing to assist with the personal and professional development of a student and provide feedback to the School  
  • Are able to meet individually with a student on a regular basis during the academic year
  • Are skilled at interpersonal communication
  • Are highly regarded within their field for their integrity and professionalism
  • Approximately 180 mentors volunteer to work with our students each year.

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Contact the Office of Alumni Relations for an application.

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